Privilege Scheme

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I agree and understand that one Privilege Pack will be provided per unit available for hire. Subsequent replacements due to theft or loss may be chargeable at £5 per pack. Packs remain the property of the Camping and Caravanning Club and we reserve the right to revoke the scheme from use at our discretion.
The Club will pay commission for any members joined using your dealer code at a rate of £4 for the first 10 members, increasing to £10 per member for 11 or more recruited within the financial year; you will also receive a back payment of £60 for the first 10 members recruited.
Commission is paid quarterly unless there have been less than 5 members recruited within that quarter, in which case it will be rolled over to the next quarter and so on until the final quarter.
Commission can only be allocated where the 4 digit dealer code provided is stamped onto the application form at the back of the Joining Booklet.