UK Club Site Policies - Helping to ensure everyone has a great holiday

Helping to ensure everyone has a great holiday


1.1 - This policy of the Camping and Caravanning Club Limited ("the Club") covers all sites of the Club, whether the site is exclusive to members or not. In special circumstances, they may be altered or added to by local rules, made necessary for good management or because of agreements, planning consents, etc. entered into by the Club (as defined below). This policy is supplementary to the member's undertaking (signed by members when joining the Club), the Club's Code for Campers , published in "SiteSeeker” (The Big Sites Book) every two years, and the General Terms of the Club.

1.2 - This policy is available on our website: ( and/or at any of our sites on request. A full set of all policies relevant to the site where you are holidaying is available at that site from the holiday site team. If you have any queries about the policy, please do contact us.

1.3 - We ask all of our members and users of our site to comply with our policy. If you or your party do not comply with the policy we may terminate your membership and/or prohibit future use of Club sites or other services and/or ask you to leave the site.

1.4 - The use of threatening behaviour and/or foul and abusive language will not be tolerated and will result in the offender being asked to leave the site by a member of the holiday site team.

1.5 - Please consider other users of the site and we ask that all members of your party and any guests conduct themselves at all times with due regard to the health and safety of themselves and others.

1.6 - Persons who are subject to the notification requirements of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 may not use any campsite operated under the control of the Club.


2.1 - Advanced booking is advised during high season and bank holiday periods. Some of our holidays are subject to a set minimum number of nights which will be stated in our brochure and/or on our website.

2.2 - The Club accepts advance bookings on the understanding that you provide correct information at the time of booking. If information is deemed incorrect when you arrive on site, the Club reserves the right to refuse the booking if it cannot be accommodated.

2.3 - When you are placing your booking we ask you to provide:-

2.3.1 - an accurate unit size, along with any ancillary equipment you intend to use during your stay (awning, pup tent, toilet tent etc.) are required. We will try to accommodate larger units, but additional fees may apply;

2.3.2 - an expected arrival time so we can plan for your visit. If you are unexpectedly delayed on the day and expect to arrive after the last attended arrival time of 8pm please call the site before 8pm in order that the holiday site manager can discuss options;

2.3.3 - any requirements for disabled guests so that we can discuss these with you to check for availability and that the site can meet both your needs and expectations;

2.3.4 - any other information that you think we will need to take into account in your booking. We will try to accommodate special requests but these cannot be guaranteed.

2.4 - For the purposes of your booking, it is important that you specify what type of unit you are taking.

2.5 - Backpackers wherever possible will be accommodated – please advise us at the time of booking. A backpacker is defined as a camper who arrives on site by foot, bicycle or canoe, but not in any form of motorised vehicle.

2.6 - On a member only site up to four non-members (adults and/or children) may be included in a members' party provided the non-members camp in the member's unit, with the member present.


3.1 - The Club sites are for recreational use only. Campers are not permitted to use the Club sites as a base for running a business, carrying out work or as a main place of residence.

3.2 - At the discretion of the holiday site manager, some Customers may stay on site in a conventional unit, whilst working in the local area.

3.3 - You must keep secure any means of identification which the Club supplies to you in order to use the services of the Club. You must supply accurate and not misleading information when using the services of the Club.

3.4 - On all of our sites, the maximum stay allowed is 28 days, after which time your pitch must be vacated for 24 hours before you can return to the pitch. This limit may be less at certain times at the Club's discretion. The Club reserves the right to restrict/terminate such bookings at any time should they be deemed not to be recreational.

3.5 - We want all of our customers to enjoy their holiday. Therefore, we ask that you do not trade on site and do not tout or engage in commercial advertising or display any advertising notices on a unit (a firm's car or van with name and description on the side is acceptable).

3.6 - Please do not leave your unit unoccupied overnight during your stay without first informing a member of the Holiday Site team and leaving your contact details. On some of the sites there is a risk of flooding and we may, therefore, request that your unit is not left unoccupied at night on those sites.


4.1 –Pitches are available from 1pm. Latest attended arrival and pitching is 8pm. Where a booking is not taken up by this time it may be considered cancelled, unless prior arrangement has been made with the site.

4.2 - On check in please make payment for the balance of your pitch fees in advance before pitching.

4.3 - On arrival Customers should make contact with a holiday site team member. Members must produce their current membership card to check in to the site. Admission to the site is at the discretion of the Holiday Site Manager (or in their absence, another Holiday Site team member).

4.4 - In the interests of security, day visitors (members and non-members) must report to a Holiday Site team member immediately on arrival at site. Entry and the subsequent parking will be at their discretion.

4.5 - In the event of poor ground conditions a pitch may not be available. Our team will endeavour to advise you in advance should this occur but no responsibility can be accepted if this is not possible.

4.6 - Please familiarise yourself with the site's fire regulations and fire-fighting equipment and its location as soon as you arrive on site.

4.7 - If you are 60 years of age or over and wish to take advantage of the age concession rates please, in the first instance, present your membership card with a 'proof of age document' (passport or driving licence etc.) to be stamped. If you have age concession rates (ACR) status you will continue to qualify for ACR.


5.1 - On arrival you may chose a pitch from those remaining of the type you have booked. The Holiday Site team will do their best to accommodate any preferences; but we cannot guarantee these due to management and safety issues.

5.2 - Our Holiday Site team will show you to your pitch and answer any queries you may have.

5.3 - In terms of your pitch, please note:-

5.3.1 - for your safety, we have a "six metre rule" which means that units (excluding guy ropes) must be 6 metres apart from adjacent units in order to protect against fire;

5.3.2 - the unit (along with any ancillary equipment) must fit within the confines of your pitch whilst maintaining the 6 metre rule. If this cannot be achieved you may need to purchase an additional pitch (if available) or remove the ancillary equipment;

5.3.3 - toilet tents may only be erected within the confines of the pitch; and

5.3.4 - all loose equipment needs to be stored within the confines of your unit.

5.4 - You must ensure the mains electrical cable from the hook up point to your unit and the unit's installation are safe. All units should be protected by a residual current device (RCD). For tent campers, this should be incorporated into a purpose made mains supply unit designed for tent camping conditions.

5.5 - You may park your vehicle(s) between units, provided that 3m clear space is left within the 6m gap. Vehicles on site should be parked at right angles to a slope where possible.

5.6 - The transfer or sub-letting of pitches is not allowed without the holiday site team's approval.


6.1 - It is important for Customers to respect and protect Club sites by working in harmony with neighbours, the local community, the environment and by observing and respecting each other's privacy. Maintaining high standards on Club sites is of paramount importance and members' involvement is fundamental to our success and the conservation of the countryside.

6.2 - In certain circumstances Customers may be required to change pitch or take down gazebos or awnings during their stay. If this is required a full explanation will be offered and a holiday site team member will advise accordingly.

6.3 - Barbeques must be purpose built and portable, standing clear of the ground. There must be no possibility of damage to the ground. Only gas or charcoal barbeques should be used.

6.4 - Campfires and fire pits are not permitted on our Club sites.

6.5 - Pets are welcome on site but you are responsible for the behaviour of your animals. Please ensure that your animals are not allowed loose on site and are kept on a lead no longer than 2 metres.

6.6 - Please exercise animals in the areas provided or off site. You must ensure that your pets do not foul the site and you are responsible for cleaning up after them.

6.7 - If it is deemed a pet is creating a nuisance or causing disturbance to others, you will be asked to remove them from site. Please note we do not allow on site any breed of dog listed under the Dangerous Dogs act 1991.

6.8 - With the exception of assistance dogs, pets are not allowed in the toilet block or other buildings.

6.9 - Designated recreational areas are indicated on site; where available. Ball games, frisbee, cricket and any games that may interfere with the enjoyment of others are not allowed in the vicinity of units. For safety reasons the flying of model aircraft, drones and kites is prohibited.

6.10 - Some of our sites are equipped with additional facilities (such as play areas), and safe use of these are the responsibility of the user.

6.11 - It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to ensure children are supervised at all times, whilst on site. Special consideration should be given to the use of toilet blocks.

6.12 - The launching and storage of jet skis is not allowed on Club sites.

6.13 The releasing of sky lanterns with naked flames is not permitted on Club Sites.

6.14 - Noise must be kept to a reasonable level at all times so as not to disturb the enjoyment of others.

6.15 - All Club sites are closed to traffic from 11pm to 7am during which time noise should be kept to a minimum and a quiet period observed for the benefit of all campers.

6.16 - Generators may be used only at the discretion of the Holiday Site team who will advise of the most appropriate running times. We may ask you to refrain from using them if they cause a disturbance.

6.17 - Vehicle movement on Site is prohibited between 11pm and 7am.

6.18 - Vehicle drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists are required to adhere to the Site's 5 mph speed limit and follow any one way system in place.

6.19 - All cycles should have appropriate lighting if used at a time when it should be required.

6.20 - Essential repairs can be carried out so that an unserviceable vehicle can leave site, however, general maintenance and servicing is not allowed.

6.21 - Discretion will be shown to allow vehicle and/or unit washing, providing it can be done discreetly in an area indicated by a holiday site team member.

6.22 - Drivers of vehicles, including motorcycles, must hold a full and current driving licence in order to drive on Club Sites.

6.23 - Servicing chemical toilets must only be done at a chemical disposal point, using water from that source.

6.24 - To avoid possible damage to sewerage systems we support the use of bio-degradable chemical fluids that do not affect the natural bacterial balance within the system.

6.25 - Rubbish should be recycled wherever possible. Please note on many sites the rubbish is recycled at a waste transfer station. If recycling facilities are unavailable on site then a holiday site team member will be able to advise on the nearest recycling centre or waste transfer station.


7.1 - Pitches should be vacated by 12 noon on the day of departure. If the pitch is not required immediately, Customers may stay until 5pm in consultation and agreement with a member of the holiday site team. Please ensure you leave your pitch clean and tidy on departure.

7.2 - If you leave a unit or other property at a site without paying or prior arrangement, the Club shall be entitled to make such arrangements as it may deem fit for the removal or storage of such property. The expense of such storage or removal shall be charged to you. If you fail to pay such an account within 14 days of an account being rendered, then the Club may make such further arrangements as it may deem fit to dispose of the property to reimburse itself for out-of-pocket expenses and to recover any unpaid fees due.


8.1 - All items of lost property will be retained for one calendar month. Items not claimed after this period will be donated to a local charity or church close to the site, this includes any monies. Any items that are not of use to any of the local charities will be disposed of.

8.2 - Anything where the owner is readily identifiable will be either directly returned to the owner if still on site or contacted by phone if possible. If it is not possible to contact the owner the items will be passed to the police.

8.3 - Owners are responsible for the cost of reclaiming their goods. The following items are excluded from this policy:

8.3.1 - credit or debit cards will be reported to the card issuer. The card issuer will then advise what further action is necessary;

8.3.2 - items where there is any suspicion of danger to employees or to the public. The police will be contacted immediately in such circumstances for advice;

8.3.3 - unclaimed perishable goods are disposed of the following morning;

8.3.4 - any item that has clearly been abandoned; or

8.3.5 - where items of property are claimed the claimant should be expected to provide a description of the items lost. The claimant must sign for all items claimed and record their full name and address.


9.1 - The Club will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to the property of the guest, including personal belongings, cash, jewellery and motor vehicles, however caused during their holiday.

9.2 - The Club's responsibility and financial liability (excluding any liability for death or personal injury due to negligence) shall be limited to the return of monies received in the event of accommodation, booked in good faith, not being available owing to exceptional weather conditions, flood or fire, or such other cause beyond their control.


10.1 - At each site there will be a Holiday Site Manager supported by our holiday site team. The team is there to help ensure you have an excellent holiday.

10.2 - Any cause for complaint must in the first instance be addressed with a member of the holiday site team. If in the unlikely event that the complaint cannot be resolved on site then it should be addressed for the attention of the Customer Services Team, UK Club Sites Department, the Camping and Caravanning Club Limited, Greenfields House, Westwood Way, Coventry CV4 8JH.