Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to access my Holiday Home whilst the campsite is closed?
With the latest Coronavirus restrictions, our Holiday Homes in England, Scotland and Wales are now closed. Any opening dates for these sites will be reviewed in-line with latest guidance. We are planning to open our full site network as soon as we are able and are currently working towards the following:

Our earliest opening date will be the 12th of April.

Our earliest opening date will be the 26th of April, and we are awaiting confirmation of this date. There is likely to be further level 3 restrictions in place after this date and the next review is due on the 15th March.

The earliest opening date will be the 1st April, and we are awaiting confirmation of this date.

For any questions about your Holiday Home, including any access requirements you may have, please contact the Club Site directly.

What happens to site fees during the time sites are closed?
Site fees will continue to be paid in full or monthly by Direct Debit as normal.

Although many similar businesses did not offer refunds on site fees (and we were not legally required to do so), we wanted to do the right thing for our members and offer a refund for the prolonged period of closure over the main season (April – June). We acknowledged that Holiday Homeowners were not able to use their homes during the main Summer Season. Now that we are entering in to a second shorter period of lockdown out of the main season, we are advising that Site fees are due as normal. The financial impact of Coronavirus on the Club has been significant, we still have costs to cover even though we are closed, and our Site Managers will continue to be on-site, maintaining the grounds and facilities and the security of the site.

We hope that you understand, and you’ll be back in your Holiday Home as soon as possible.

Is my Holiday Home secure?
Our Site Managers will continue to be on-site, maintaining the grounds and facilities.

How much do they cost to own?
Prices vary dependent on the type, style and make of Holiday Home you choose.  We sell a variety of lodges and caravans to suit all budgets.

Do I have to pay a deposit when I purchase a Holiday Home?
We ask for a 10% deposit to be paid on all caravans and lodges on park and a 25% deposit on all caravans and lodges which have to be ordered by the Club.

What is included in the purchase price?
The purchase price includes the unit, siting, PDI and delivery costs, safety tests where applicable and connection to utilities. 

When can I use my Holiday Home?
The season varies from park to park but generally from March to January. We have two open all year round parks, Theobalds and Boroughbridge (occupancy 11 months out of 12 permitted) and two that close at the end of October, Nairn and Alton the Star.

How long can I keep my holiday home on park for?
All brand new caravans are issued with a 15 year site agreement and all brand new lodges are issued with an agreement of between 25 and 50 years dependent on unit type and location.  All pre-used caravans are issued with the remainder of the original site agreement term. 

Can Ownership be shared?
Yes, in fact shared ownership between family and friends would maximize the usage of these properties.

What additional charges can I expect?
There is an annual site rent and rates to pay which are inclusive of local water and sewerage rates, ground maintenance and vat.

Am I covered by insurance?
All units must be insured, please ask for further information. Please call Club Care on 01277 243000 for a quote.

What maintenance is provided?
The park is regularly maintained to a high standard, in particular the gardens and areas surrounding the holiday homes.

How secure is the park?
The Holiday Park Managers live on site during the season and we have staff on site during the closed period. All visitors are requested to check in at reception on arrival and departure.

What electricity and gas charges are there?
Electricity is metered and your costs will be dependent upon how much you use and gas is either piped and metered or bottled.

Can I sub-let my Holiday Home?
No, sub-letting is not permitted but you are welcome to invite family and friends to stay.

Can I live in my Holiday Home?
No, all Holiday Homes are issued with a site agreement for recreational use only and residential use is not permitted on any of our Club sites.  All purchasers must be in the position to supply us with a permanent residential address which we will use for all correspondence.

Is there a warranty?
There is a 1 year manufacturer warranty on all of our new Holiday Homes and a 10 year structural warranty* on lodges from date of first handover. We offer a 28 day warranty on all pre-used holiday homes bought from the Club No warranty is given with any holiday homes bought privately through the Club.

*subject to manufacturer