Site Assistant - Job Overview

Job Title: Site Assistant

Reports to: Site Manager

Direct Reports: None

Job Purpose: To assist in ensuring that all campers enjoy their stay on Club Sites in safety and to promote the good name of the Camping & Caravanning Club at all times. The Sites Assistant Role is underpinned by our mission statement which is: “To provide the best campsites, services and experiences”

Contract: The job is seasonal, typically from April (or May) - September and successful candidates need to be prepared to work anywhere in the UK (including Scotland and Northern Ireland).

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Job Description / Required Competencies

Friendly Customer Focus

Adopting the Club working practices and procedures to ensure the delivery of consistently high standards of customer service in the spirit of the Friendly Club.

  • Wears a genuine smile
  • Welcomes new and returning customers in a friendly and helpful manner
  • Provides a safe and caring environment across the site
  • Responds to the changing needs of customers, while maintaining a high standard of quality
  • Act as a Club Ambassador and exceeds customers' expectations wherever possible
  • Takes personal responsibility to resolve enquiries, requests or complaints


Working together as a team, fostering collaboration, and promoting an environment of mutual trust and respect.

  • Relates well to all Club staff by being friendly and approachable
  • Willingly shares relevant information and expertise with all Club staff
  • Builds trust in relationships through maintaining confidentiality, treating colleagues fairly and keeping commitments
  • Develops positive and constructive working relationships with all Club staff
  • Cooperates with others and seeks information as required
  • Accomplishes shared goals through accepting joint responsibility


Using effective communication to make a positive impact on the audience, generate enthusiasm, solve problems, improve quality and satisfy Campers.

  • Speaks clearly face to face and over the telephone
  • Uses appropriate non-verbal communication (eye contact, gestures, posture) when communicating with others
  • Demonstrates openness and receptivity to embrace new information and updates from the Management Hierarchy & relevant HQ Personnel
  • Receives instructions or ideas attentively and keeps others informed & up-to-date
  • Expresses information in writing clearly and concisely via email, letter/memo's and other written forms of communication

Operational Duties

Ensuring site facilities, services and products are available, operational and maintained to a high standard and following all health and safety requirements.

  • Deals with the day-to-day challenges faced on a busy Club site without the need for constant supervision
  • Follows all Club systems and procedures
  • Demonstrates a basic knowledge of DIY
  • Undertakes all aspects of site operations including: general upkeep of the site and minor repairs; ground care and grass cutting; inspection & minor maintenance; cleanliness of amenities, Reception & service areas

IT & Office Duties

Following the Club's standardised office and on-line systems and processes, to ensure consistency of administration across the UK Club Sites Network.

  •  Organises the Reception layout and display of essential information
  • Manages bookings over the telephone and face-to-face following the correct procedures
  • Uses the Microsoft Office software packages: Outlook for writing & responding to emails; Word & Excel where needed
  • Manages the check-in and check-out process
  • Perform financial reconciliation duties eg. daily/weekly cash reconciliation
  • Maintains accurate information, records and files 

Planning, Organisation & Flexibility

Planning and organising the job and flexibly accommodating priorities around the needs of the Club and its members, whilst following through on deadlines. 

  • Plans ahead to ensure all tasks are completed
  • Takes responsibility for own work to achieve quality results
  • Shows flexibility in coping with multiple and changing priorities
  • Makes timely and considered decisions
  • Works to agreed schedules and rosters
  • Meets deadlines and follows through on commitments

Commercial Awareness

Building up a general knowledge of the business over time, and uses this knowledge and experience to promote the Club and its services.

  • Takes pride in the site through initiatives like the mini-library
  • Identifies and acts upon opportunities to increase Club revenue
  • Utilises opportunities to promote the Club's products and services
  • Promotes the site, the local area and its opportunities
  • Maintains a comprehensive range of tourist information