Becoming a Holiday Site Assistant

The Holiday Site Assistant role is underpinned by our mission statement which is: “To provide the best campsites, services and experiences”.

Have you got what it takes?

Our Holiday Site Managers and Holiday Site Assistants come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but what's absolutely paramount is their experience and passion for camping and caravanning, as everything that the Holiday Site Assistants deal with on a day-to-day basis will naturally be camping related.

Above all, our Campers are there to have a great holiday & the Site Team is responsible for making this happen. On occasions our Site Staff encounter difficult and demanding situations, which we expect them to deal with in a polite & courteous manner. A commitment to friendly, customer service is vital when dealing with customers face to face and on the phone. As part of our commitment to the values of the Club we also encourage all our Site Team to wear a genuine and never ending smile.

The job can be extremely rewarding for the right candidates who enjoy working outdoors, despite the work being physically demanding and the working hours unsociable. Successful Holiday Site Assistants are required to undertake a wide variety of tasks involved in running a campsite, which include: running the site office and performing the administration duties, using the Club's computerised booking service, maintaining the grounds, cleaning the toilets and facilities, and performing a range of other operational duties.

But don't take our word for it, here's what one of our Holiday Site Assistant couples, Paul & Angi Cartwright had to say about their experience as Holiday Site Assistants:

Paul Cartright'If by nature you are a clock-watcher who is used to normal regular hours, then this may not be the job for you. But if you're like us and love fresh air and helping Campers enjoy their holiday, then this could be just what you're looking for?

The job can be quite physical, sometimes stressful and you need to be prepared to work hard. However, the majority of the time a fun experience is had by all, Campers and Staff alike!

The best days are always the ones where a Camper singles you out and says that they had the most fantastic time and it was down to you!

Our campers are there to have a great holiday and you are part of making this happen. Our advice is to be friendly, enjoy yourself and smile - it's infectious!'

Paul and Angi joined as Holiday Site Assistants in 2008 and were promoted to Holiday Site Managers in 2011.

We predominantly employ couples, but there are also some opportunities for single candidates.


Staff membership is provided to all employees from day one of employment, so applicants are not required to be an existing Club member. However, previous experience in a customer-facing role, together with administration and organisation skills is essential. The role is also physically demanding as successful candidates will need to ensure that site facilities, services and products are operational and maintained to a high standard, so a basic knowledge of DIY and some practical abilities are undoubted assets. However initial and ongoing training is provided in all aspects of the work as well as the safe usage of all equipment.

Applicants with Children

It’s not unusual to be asked to move site at short notice for operational reasons. The nature of the work involves varied hours and locations and this can be impractical when trying to balance work and family life.