Outwell LogoAt Outwell, we firmly believe that everyone should enjoy outdoor living at least once in their lifetime. And, as family campers ourselves, it is this desire to ensure the experience is the best ever that drives us to create market-leading, award-winning, innovative camping equipment.

It is also why we support the Club in its latest Club Perks campaign for we believe the quality of a campsite should match the investment that the camper has made in purchasing the best possible camping equipment.

You cannot beat the benefits of spending quality time camping with friends and family. It improves overall health and cements relationships. It provides the chance for you to teach your children important life skills and enjoy their company in a clean environment. The Club provides the venue and we supply the tools. All that’s left is for the camper to supply the desire for adventure, no matter how big or small, and concentrate on building those unforgettable family moments.

Clive Garrett, Outwell

Outwell camping tipsOutwell family

  1. Think carefully about your camping needs before you buy and do your research – talk to campers and check out other campers’ experiences via the Internet.
  2. If you’re tempted to buy big remember you’ve got to have space to store, maintain and transport your tent and accessories.
  3. Make sure you check your camping equipment and know how to pitch and pack away your tent before you go camping.
  4. Remember, camping is a learning curve and it will take time to pick up skills and etiquette that will help you use your equipment correctly and enjoy campsite life.
  5. Keep things simple. Camping is fun so do not get stressed about imagined problems. Campers and Club staff are a friendly bunch so you can always seek help in the field if something does go wrong or you forget the bottle opener.