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A little over a century ago a group of people with a sincere love of the outdoors went camping in an orchard on the outskirts of Wantage and the idea of a club for camping and cycling enthusiasts was born. Today The Camping and Caravanning Club is an extraordinary success story and has around half a million members and over a hundred of its own caravan and campsites.

Just a year ago another group of enthusiasts started working on a project to find and list everything of interest in the United Kingdom and make this information freely available to people wanting to discover more about this great country. Britain Explorer was born and is now one of the fast growing destination information hubs on the internet.

The Camping and Caravanning Club, Camping in the Forest and Britain Explorer are now joining forces to bring the best of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands to their collective members.

Everything of Interest

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The UK has many places visit and things to do but sometimes the most famous of these, like the Tower of London and the British Museum do always seem to take centre stage. Britain Explorer aims to list ‘everything of interest’ and that means everything from a world famous castle to a little known stone circle hidden at the bottom of a country lane that you’ll never find unless you already know that it’s there.

A New Way to Search

Britain Explorer has introduced ‘Special Interest Search’ incorporating more than 130 special interest categories to choose from, easily selectable by its unique icon. By selecting the icons that interest you, the website will list only those destinations that meet your interests, resulting in a friendlier way to search.

Camping and Caravanning Club Sites

Every destination in the Britain Explorer database also lists the closest Camping and Caravanning Club site. With this integration it’s possible to find destinations close to a campsite but it’s now just as easy to find a campsite close to a destination that you’d like to visit.

Finding Destinations Made Easy

Every destination has been well researched and features an interactive map, detailed street address and a ‘nearest postcode’ that can be entered directly into most satellite navigation systems. For those destinations that are well and truly off-the-beaten-track each entry also includes specific longitude and latitude coordinates that can be copied and pasted directly into most online map systems and Google Earth. This information section also lets visitors know which destinations charge for entry and which are free to enjoy.

Working Together

The Camping and Caravanning Club and Britain Explorer are working closely together to ensure that Club Members have access to some of the best destination information available. Information from the Britain Explorer database is being added directly into the Club’s destination finder and members are invited to visit Britain Explorer to make the Club Membership experience even better.

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