TV and Film Locations

Camp near your favourite TV and Film Location

Lights, Camera, Action – from big to small screen and from recent productions to the classics; one in five of us has been inspired to visit a destination having seen it on the screen.

Television and film directors showcase our beautiful country and spectacular scenery without realising it. Sitting at home on those dark evenings or taking a trip to the cinema can make you want to follow in the footsteps of those famous actors and actresses by choosing the location for your holiday or short break.

This section has 39 locations for you to choose from and gives you the nearest Club Site - so you can book a pitch and be in the heart of the location. If you have been to a destination used for filming in the UK that we have not featured, we would love to hear from you – send in the information to Twitter or The Club's Facebook Page, listing the nearest Club Site and we will update the page for other campers to experience.