Top 5 dog-friendly campsites, as voted by members

Dogs are welcome at all of our Camping and Caravanning Club sites – and you don’t need to pay for them either! However, how do you decide which campsite to choose? To help you we have asked our members to tell us which sites they find best for dogs and you can see the results below:

If you still haven’t made your mind up, then here are some of the reasons our members gave for choosing their favourite sites:

Thetford signpost

“Thetford has wonderful walks from the site”

Dunstan Hill signpost

“Lovely, friendly site and only a 5 minute walk to the beach which my two spaniels loved”

Wolverley signpost

“There is a big field to let dogs run on and a good dog-friendly pub nearby”

Normans Bay signpost

“You can walk dogs on the beech across the road, but it can be rather stony for small dogs’ feet until the tide goes out”

Bala signpost

“Staff at Bala are (extra) dog friendly” - Bala

Before you set off on a camping trip with your dog, make sure you take a look at our list of useful items to bring with you and our health advice to keep your four legged friend safe during a camping trip.

We hope to see you at one of our sites soon!

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Top 5 sites for dogs - 6 photos

As voted by members 5th place 4th place 3rd place 2nd place Winner!

As voted by members As voted by members

5th place 5th place

4th place 4th place

3rd place 3rd place

2nd place 2nd place

Winner! Winner!

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