About Club Glamping

“Club Glamping is a complete outdoors experience where we provide the accommodation so you don’t have to.”

Glamping or glamorous camping is no longer confined to rock stars and festival goers, nor is it confined to camping in luxury yurts or bell tents. These days anything goes from basic wooden huts to sparkling, retro Airstream caravans and everything in between.

For the Club Glamping is about providing a complete outdoors experience encompassing its great sites in great locations with a range of pre-sited accommodation. From simple wooden pods providing a crash pad for walkers or those wanting a back to nature break, a luxury kitted out safari tent to a snug wooden cabin perfect for relaxing.

Holidays, we cater for every glamper. Once you’ve chosen your preferred accommodation all you have to do is arrive on site for your holiday to begin. And remember, as a glamper all the Club Site facilities are there for you to use to heighten your holiday experience.

Reasons to glamp:

Something different – you’re still camping only we‘ve done the leg work for you, no set up required. Your holiday starts from the minute you arrive on site.

Friends and family – glamping is the perfect way to introduce non-camping family and friends to the great outdoors as the accommodation is provided.

Miles better – glamping reduces miles towing and spend on fuel and allows you to visit sites that previously you might not have considered.

Whatever the weather - it might be cold and damp outside, but inside one of our glamping units you’re assured a warm and comfy stay.

Four seasons - glamping allows you to extend your camping season into the winter months.