European Summer Rallies

Fun for all the family

European Summer Rallies

If you’re feeling a bit nervous about making that leap abroad for the first time or want to holiday with friends, join in a Summer Rally held from May to October. Choose from the shores of the Mediterranean and from the waterways of the Netherlands to the sunny Vendée.

We select some of France’s best campsites such as Brittany Summer Rally at Village L’Océan Breton, picked for its family feel . There are bags of activities to keep the children amused from pools, waterslides and circus performers to free crêpes and ice creams.

You could combine stays in two different areas of the same region such as the Dordogne and Lot Valley, followed by Le Souhol at St. Cére. It’s up to you how long you stay and there is complete flexibility of arrival and departure dates.

For Rallies in the warm Spanish coastal climate try Aquarius in the Mediterranean on the Costa Brava, or Playa Joyel on the north coast, great for beaches and natural parks.

2014 Summer Rallies 
Campsite Rally Country From To Booking
Vilanova Park Costa Dorada Spain 1 March 15 May View Campsite Button
NEW School Holiday Rally Les Bois du Bardelet Loire Valley France 18 July 25 Aug View Campsite Button
Delftse Hout South Holland Netherlands 1 April 6 May View Campsite Button
Fossa Killarney Ireland 6 May 27 May View Campsite Button
Soleil Plage Dordogne France 8 May 29 May View Campsite Button
Le Soulhol Lot Valley France 29 May 29 June View Campsite Button
Lodge Club South Brittany France 9 May 28 June View Campsite Button
Playa Joyel Costa Verde Spain 5 May 16 June View Campsite Button
Lazy Rancho Interlaken Switzerland 01 June 15 June View Campsite Button
Les Saules Loire Valley France 14 May 4 June View Campsite Button
L'Etoile d'Argens French Riviera France 15 May 15 June View Campsite Button
Beauregard Jura France 25 May 07 July View Campsite Button
Beauvelande Jersey Channel Islands 02 June 30 June View Campsite Button
Vallée des Vignes Western Loire France 5 June 26 June View Campsite Button
Le Pin Parasol Vendée France 6 June 7 July View Campsite Button
School Holiday Rally L'Océan Breton Brittany France 18 July 23 Aug View Campsite Button
School Holiday Rally Duinrell South Holland Netherlands 10 August 7 Sept View Campsite Button
Aquarius Costa Brava Spain 1 Sept 5 October View Campsite Button
La Garangeoire Vendée France 1 Sept 20 Sept View Campsite Button
NEW St Avit Loisirs Dordogne France 25 Aug 14 Sep View campsite button

You can book online or call our Travel Specialists on 0845 130 7701 for help and advice with arranging your perfect summer holiday.

Remember to have your membership number along with your car and unit details to hand.

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