Planning your journey

Ferry crossings and their scheduled departure and arrival times can be subject to change due to operational factors, weather conditions, tides etc.

If we are informed of a ferry schedule change that means your scheduled sailing departs up to 30 minutes after your original schedule time, we will not advise you of the change as it will not affect your travel plans. However, if a scheduled departure time is brought forward, or if it is more than 30 minutes after your original schedule time, then we will endeavour to contact you. (Please therefore ensure that your contact details are up to date and inform us of any changes.) As per the terms and conditions of your booking, we also advise you to check your ferry arrangements with the ferry operator 24 hours before departure.

Time zones

All non UK campsites are an hour ahead of the UK all year; except those in the Republic of Ireland, which are in the same time zone as the UK. Greece and Turkey are two hours ahead and Iceland is one hour behind.

Route Planning

Authorities recommend that drivers should not aim to travel more than 250-300 miles in a day especially when towing and take a 15-minute break is taken every two hours for safety reasons.

For help with planning your holiday see our extras page for maps and guide books at discounted prices.

GPS should be used in consultation with a map and the site directions provided in your travel pack, as routes selected are not necessarily the best for towing caravans or driving larger motorhomes and have been found to sometimes lead members along unsuitable routes, eg. green lanes. Do not rely on post codes, especially in France, where they do not refer to small groups of premises as they do in the UK, and could be more than ten miles away from the campsite. These directions have been written for your convenience and safety, in consultation with the local site owners and have been tried and tested by members of the Club's Travel Service sites team on their annual site visits. Nevertheless, please bear in mind that road layouts and road numbering may change.

All major roads, especially in France, are exceptionally busy during the last weekend in July as the peak holiday season begins. Delays should therefore be expected. In the past, similar weekends have seen a higher than usual incidence of road accidents.