Eat Local Sponsors

The Club has partnered with leading outdoor cooking company Cadac to promote the Club’s Eat Local initiative.

About Cadac

CADAC is one of the most recognised and trusted brands of barbecues on the market.

South African by origin, they design, engineer and promote an unique range of outdoor leisure products. CADAC's exhaustive design process delivers premium quality merchandise renowned for functionality, durability and portability.

Established in 1948, the company deliberately developed products specifically for camping, caravanning and touring needs making it difficult in recent years to step foot on a campsite without seeing their iconic products in use. Whether you explore with a two man tent, tour with a top of the range leisure vehicle, cater for yourself or indeed a large family; CADAC will have a product to suit your needs.

The unique modular design that CADAC builds into their products ensures there should be no culinary sacrifice whilst you are away with a mission of theirs being to breakdown the stereotype of burnt burgers and sausages and replace it with exciting, imaginative and delicious cooking.

CADAC barbecues are easy to build, easy to use, easy to clean and easy to stow.

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