TyrePal for motorhomes

Earn a discount on your motorhome insurance premiums

Fitting TyrePal will save you 5% on your motorhome insurance premiums. Get a quote for your motorhome insurance and see how much you could save today.

The TyrePal system monitors the pressure and temperature of your motorhome tyres, alerting you when:

  • You get a puncture.
  • Your tyres have low pressure, which could be causing excessive tyre wear and fuel consumption.
  • Your tyres have high pressure, which could cause excessive tyre wear and affect road handling and braking distance.
  • The tyre temperature gets too high, which could cause a blowout.

TyrePal sensors replace the dust caps on your motorhome wheels, and the readings from each sensor are then transmitted wirelessly to a monitor kept in your cab. If one of the sensors should discover a problem with a tyre the alarm will beep and the affected tyre will be indicated on the screen.

The monitor can be powered by battery or can be plugged in to the motorhome’s power supply, and can work over a distance of 7.5 metres (a signal booster is available if your motorhome is longer than this).

TyrePal options available for motorhomes

Four wheel set up (tyre pressure up to 60psi) – this option will monitor all four motorhome wheels, if your tyre pressures are normally set to 60psi or less.

Four wheel set up (tyre pressure over 60psi) – this option will monitor all four motorhome wheels, if your tyre pressures are normally set above 60psi.

Six wheel set up – this option is available in two formats; one will continually display the readings for all six wheels on the screen and the other just alerts you when there is an issue.

Versatile set up – this system allows you to monitor anything between two and 22 wheels, so will be ideal for people who use their motorhome to tow.

Insurance benefits of fitting TyrePal in your motorhome

Club Care Insurance (the insurance arm of The Camping and Caravanning Club) recognise the benefits of having a TyrePal system installed in your motorhome and offer a discount of up to 5% on your premiums for fitting one. To see how much you could save by adding them, call Club Care’s dedicated quote service on 01277 243060.

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