TyrePal for caravans

Earn a discount on your caravan insurance premiums

Fitting TyrePal will save you 5% on your caravan insurance premiums. Find out more ways to save money on your touring caravan insurance, or call 01277 243060 and speak to an advisor today.

TyrePal is a system that monitors the temperature and pressure of your tyres to alert you if there is a problem that could cause damage or a blowout.

It works by adding sensors on each tyre that measures its pressure and temperature, and then submitting this information wirelessly to a monitor that will sound an alarm to alert you to any issues. The system is designed to be ‘fit and forget’ so once it is in place you don’t have to consider it again unless it alerts you to a problem.

The monitor can be powered either by batteries or connected to the cigarette lighter in your car, and if it picks up an issue the alarm will sound and the affected tyre will be indicated on the screen. Signal boosters are also available if your unit is particularly long (more than approximately eight metres) to ensure that the sensors are being received accurately.

The sensors are fitted to the tyres without the need to remove them, and it comes complete with a security collar to prevent the sensors being removed.

The additional weight that the sensors add to the tyres is within the wheel balance tolerance, so there should be no need to have the wheels rebalanced after fitting.

It will pick up problems such as:

  • Low pressure that could be causing excessive tyre wear and consumption of fuel
  • High pressure that could causing excessive tyre wear, and affecting road handling and braking distance
  • Overheating that could cause a tyre blowout

You set the pressures that your caravan and car (if applicable) tyres are, and then choose the high and low pressure levels that you want to be alerted to, along with the temperature of your tyres that will be too high for your particular unit.

TyrePal options available

TyrePal for caravansThere are a number of options available for monitoring tyre pressure and temperature on your caravan depending on whether you have a single or twin axle caravan:

Single axle

  • Two wheel set up – monitors the two caravan wheels
  • Three wheel set up – monitors the two caravan wheels and the spare
  • Six wheel set up – monitors the two caravan wheels and the four car wheels

Twin axle

  • Four wheel set up – monitors the four caravan wheels
  • Five wheel set up – monitors the four caravan wheels and the spare
  • Eight wheel set up – monitors the four caravan wheels and the four car wheels

TyrePal prices start at £125 including VAT for the two wheel set up, and additional sensors can be purchased if you want to monitor the spare wheel.

Insurance benefits of fitting TyrePal

Club Care Insurance (the insurance arm of The Camping and Caravanning Club) recognise the benefits of having a TyrePal system connected to your caravan and offer a discount of up to 5% on your premiums for fitting one. To see how much you could save by adding them, call Club Care’s dedicated quote service on 01277 243060 or get a quote online.