Highways Agency

The Highways Agency are responsible for England's strategic road network - managing traffic, tackling congestion, informing road users, improving safety, minimising adverse impact on the environment and more.

They offer a range of services, including those below.

Traffic England Website
Traffic information services providing real time information for events on the network including the Variable Message Signs (VMS).

Use the Traffic Forecaster

Download RSS feeds from the Highways Agency

Highways Agency Information Line
Automated Traffic Information Line:
08700 660 115
Telephone: 0300 123 5000
Email: ha_info@highways.gsi.gov.uk.

Transport Direct
Use this to plan journeys using other methods of transport, also showing CO2 levels for different forms of transport.


The Highways Agency is rolling out smart motorways across the country, they make use of new technology to manage congestion and improve journey time reliability. This includes controlling speeds to improve traffic flow through the use of variable mandatory speeds and providing driver information on overhead signs. Most recognisably smart motorways can use technology to open the hard shoulder at times of peak demand or the hard shoulder is permanently converted to a traffic lane with additional emergency refuge areas. This adds extra capacity on some of the busiest sections of our motorway network.

This concept is already inforce around the M42 and M6 around Birmingham and many other places on the motorway network. There is a useful map here so you can be prepared on your next motorway journey.

It is important that everyone knows what to do when certain signage is displayed on the overhead gantries and further information can be found here

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