Booking FAQs

We’ve prepared a number of answers to questions we think members will be asking about the online booking pages – at least during the early days. We’ll be reviewing, modifying and adding to them as and when anything changes, or if we find a newly identified issue following the launch.

Why the changes?

The reason we’ve made changes to the online booking pages is to enable users of the Club website to search for and book their favourite campsites easily, quickly and on whatever device they choose to use.

More importantly, we’ve listened to our members and heard what they have to say about the previous version of the online booking process and how we might improve it.

With the way the internet constantly evolves and changes, standing still is not an option for us; we have to move with the times to accommodate our increasingly digital-savvy members and their expectation of their online experiences.

Take a look at our Key Changes page to see what developments have been made in this exciting phase of online booking for Camping and Caravanning Club members.

Where are the Certificated and Listed Sites?

Previously, a campsite ‘search’ could potentially return all campsites on the network; UK Club Sites, Camping in the Forest Sites, Certificated Sites and Listed Sites – depending on your selected search criteria.

With the new booking widget on the homepage, only campsites that are bookable online will appear in the results; namely UK Club Sites and Camping in the Forest Sites. This is to ensure a simple and quick journey for making a booking online, including campsites that can’t be booked online can cause frustration or disappointment. Therefore we’ve removed Certificated and Listed Sites from this part of the search.

To browse the full range of our campsites – including our popular CS’s and handy LS listings - we’ve kept the SiteSeeker search, just moved it away from the homepage.

 Visit or click to access all campsite listings, bookable online or not.

Our Club members can also download the SiteSeeker mobile app for iPhone or Android devices – perfect for browsing while on the move. More information on all the Club Apps can be found here

How can I see what pitches are available without entering specific stay dates?

One of the most frequent suggestions to improve the Club’s booking website has been to include a way to see availability across several weeks, up to a month at a time. Many of our members are flexible with their travel and stay dates – the only thing they need to know is when they can book a pitch.

After exploring how this could be possible to present to a web user clearly, with reasonable accuracy and potentially on a small screened device, such as a smartphone or tablet, we’re delighted to now be able to do this with our new availability calendar.
The calendar will appear on the results page of a search carried out from the homepage widget – by simply expanding the details for the campsite of interest – and an interactive calendar is shown.

For more details on how to use the availability calendar please see the [ step by step instructions here ] or watch the ‘How To…’ video which can be found [Availability search and book using the calendar link to video here]

Where do I see accurate pricing / discounts / Age Concession Rate?

Pricing: - Club Site pricing underwent some changes for the 2014 season, primarily to no longer publish fixed pitch prices in printed publications. As part of that process, we made sure any Frequently Asked Questions around pricing changes were posted on the website for easy reference by our members.

You can find more details about pricing by visiting the 2014 pricing pages here.

With regards to finding prices while browsing and booking online, we’ve made some adjustments to how and where we show prices on the website which should make it easy to see at a glance what you’ll pay if you book on that day.

Firstly, there is a ‘from’ and ‘to’ price displayed on the search results pages. This means exactly as it suggests; the ‘from’ price is the lowest pitch price that site has to offer (usually for a grass pitch in low season) and the ‘to’ price is the maximum that pitch price will be. Members can be assured that prices will never exceed the ‘to’ price.

Finally, the price payable by a member is always the price confirmed at the time of making the booking, not when they arrive on site (naturally, off-roaders will pay the price shown on the day they arrive on site). You’ll only ever pay the balance that you’re shown on the ‘Pricing details’ section of the Details and Payment screen, it won’t change.

Discounts: - Pricing will be calculated during the booking process, with any relevant discounts (Family Deals for example) being automatically applied. These can be viewed by clicking the ‘View pricing breakdown’ link on the Pricing details section of the booking process which will expand the pricing breakdown:


 Age Concession Rate:- Age Concession Rate discount is for Members only, and will be applied to the booking process once selected in the Party details section. Only a logged-in member will be able to view the Age Concession Rate selection buttons / toggles, so be sure to log in.


Why isn’t my device supported?

The Club has developed the new online booking website to be responsive on mobiles and tablets, allowing the use of many different types of devices.

Based on our analytical information that measures traffic to our website, we have, to the best of our ability, ensured the booking pages work for the majority of technologies used by our members and website visitors.

We regularly check and monitor this information and will develop our website pages ensuring the most current and popular devices and operating systems are catered for. Even though we’d love to, unfortunately we can’t always support every possible combination of device and operating system – just the most popular ones.

Help - I still can’t make it work!

Of course due to the amount of different tablet and mobiles available, you may experience issues with yours. If this is the case, please help us by using the feedback form

We really hope it hasn’t come to this, but if for some reason you find it completely impossible to make a booking online, then the best thing to do will be to call us.

For UK Club Site bookings telephone 0845 130 7633 or 024 7647 5426

The Contact Centre opening hours are:
 - Monday to Friday: 8.00am to 8.00pm
 - Wednesday: 10.00am-7.00pm
 - Saturday: 9.00am to 1.00pm from January to August

While this means you can book the Club Site you want, we won’t necessarily know what problems you experienced while trying to make a booking.

Therefore, it would also be hugely beneficial to us – and your fellow members - if you could help us understand the difficulties you encountered so we can investigate further and in turn solve any issues that we might not already be aware of.

There are two ways to do this;

  1. Fill in the feedback form here. Please try to be as specific as possible with any details, though if you find this difficult to do, you might prefer to use option 2 below.
  2. Click the ‘Give Feedback’ triangle at the bottom right of the pages;


This opens a small window with a more extensive feedback form to guide you through the feedback process and help us understand any problems better.
We can’t always respond to every piece of feedback we receive, regardless of the method, but we will collate and review everything to help provide the best online user experience possible.