Online Booking Help

As part of the Club’s commitment to provide our members with a great online experience, we have been busy reviewing and progressing our website in many ways to help our members browse, research and book their favourite campsites.

Now, as the 2015 season gets into full swing, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new online booking pages; packed full of great new features and improvements that we know will be welcomed by both our regular web users and new visitors alike.

While we feel these changes are all for the better and we’ve worked very hard to focus on usability and the member’s online journey overall, we also appreciate that, like all new things, it’s possible that we may encounter a few teething problems.

Likewise, many of our web visitors may have become used to doing things a certain way to achieve particular results, and these new pages might feel unfamiliar at first.

For that reason we’ve put together a summary of the main changes we’ve made as well as some information to help, support and advise anyone encountering any problems or difficulties while getting comfortable with the new way things work.

We’re quietly confident you shouldn’t need many, if any, of these answers – but it’s nice to know they’re here if you do.