Groups and Meets Terms and Conditions

If you are booking services that the Camping and Caravanning Club Limited (the "Club") offer for a group meet and/or for a Duke of Edinburgh Award the supplemental terms below will apply in addition to our general terms and conditions. By placing a booking for such services you are deemed to have accepted these supplemental terms.

When words with capital letters are used in these terms they have the meaning set out in our general terms and conditions unless otherwise stated.


1.1 It is a stated commitment of Club to accommodate meets and group bookings, from qualifying organisations including Duke of Edinburgh Award ("DofE"), wherever possible on UK sites.

1.2 To qualify as a "Meet" or a "Group" the booking must be:-

1.2.1 during any season other than high season for 7 units or more and for a period of at least 2 days up to a maximum of 9 days; and

1.2.2 during high season for 10 units or more and for a period of at least 2 days up to a maximum of 9 days.

1.3 There are two types of Meet bookings:-

1.3.1 Club Meets which are either for one of the Club's district associations (which are subdivisions of one of 13 UK regions split by post code areas (as detailed in the relevant articles of association within the voluntary officers manual in place from time to time)("DA")) or special interest sections ((groups split by shared interest rather than geography) ("SIS")); and

1.3.2 non-Club Meets which are for formalised organisations that form a camping ground and are recognised by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and hold an exempted camping certificate.

1.4 Subject to minimum qualifying criteria being maintained on all nights of a stay, the exact numbers in attendance can be fluid throughout the period of the booking without penalty.

1.5 Should campers within a Meet or Group wish to stay on Site over 9 nights or arrive early, the normal site fees are payable and subject to pitch availability on any excess nights over 9.

1.6 All young persons or school groups must have a supervising adult present at all times unless solo camping is required as the DofE gold award.

1.7 All Meets and Groups may have access to exclusive use of the recreation hall between the times of 9:00am and 5:00pm on those Club sites that have one. A charge for the use of the hall is applicable. Use of the recreation hall is also possible during the evening provided its use extends to all campers on Site. Use of the recreation hall is subject to availability and can be requested when booking.

1.8 Rally fields on selected sites can be requested when booking.


2.1 Applications can be made direct with site or centrally through the Meets and Groups Co ordinator at Club head office:
The Groups & Meets Co ordinator
UK Club Sites
The Camping and Caravanning Club
Greenfields House
Westwood Way
Coventry, CV4 8JH.

2.2 All requests for Meets and Group bookings will be considered and there will be no restriction on any dates that may be booked including bank holidays. However, each booking will be considered in consultation with the relevant area sites manager taking into account other bookings, historical site occupancy and the capacity of the site to accommodate the requested booking at any particular time of year.

2.3 In consideration to other campers, the number of pitches booked for a Meet or Group should not exceed 50% of the pitches on a Club site. If unable to accommodate a specific request, the Club will always endeavour to suggest an alternative for consideration.


3.1 For latest pricing fees please contact the Meets and Groups Co ordinator at the application address set out in paragraph 2.1 above.

3.2 You will need to pay a deposit for each Meet or Group booking you make at the time of booking with the Meetings and Groups Co-ordinator. When you arrive, the meet steward responsible for the booking will be responsible for ensuring that the balance of fees owing for the booking are paid to the holiday services manager.


4.1 To cancel a Meet or Group, you must give us notice, in writing or by email, at least 2 weeks before the date the Meet or Group starts to qualify for a refund.

 4.2 If the Meet or Group booking is cancelled less than 2 weeks prior to the event taking place, then any deposit already collected will be retained by the Club.

 4.3 If the number of units fall below the required minimum, the group will pay the difference/shortfall at Meet and Group rate fees, or alternately standard UK Club site pitch fees will be applied and charged for each pitch occupied.


5.1 It is appreciated that at the very early stages of organising a Meet or Group booking, that it will not be possible to provide an exact number of units attending. However, to enable the Club to secure pitches on a Club site in advance of an event and ensure no subsequent over booking, it will be requested at the initial booking stage that the organiser, based on their experience and expectations, provides an approximation of numbers, preferably split by pitch type required. It is understood that this will be an estimate only and these numbers can be altered at a later date, agreed directly with the Site, subject to pitch availability and site conditions.

5.2 If no numbers are provided at the initial point of booking, the Club will default the initial booking to the minimum number required to qualify for that type of booking on standard pitches only, pending any further advice or update from the organiser.

5.3 To ensure a problem free experience, the Club requests that at least 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the stay that the organiser of the event contact the site direct to confirm the booking and discuss any final requirements. To help with planning this, the Club will issue a reminder to this effect nearer the start date. If contact is not made, holiday site managers may initiate contact with the organiser to ensure a happy arrival on site.

5.4 Additional pitches may be booked direct with the site at any time prior to the first day of the booking, subject to pitch availability and site conditions.

5.5 Following confirmation of details, units/attendees may be substituted subject to the new unit being suitable for the pitch allocation, without penalty.

5.6 Additional units may turn up on the day and be charged Meet or Group rates, subject to pitch availability. Though every effort will be made to accommodate, no guarantee of being offered a pitch can be made for campers arriving without having first confirmed availability.

5.7 Following a confirmed booking and prior to the stay, the Group/Meet steward is allowed one free night camping, on one pitch, at the site to familiarise themselves with the site and its facilities, and introduce themselves to the site team. This must be booked through the UK Sites Department, Meets and Groups Co ordinator, and the specific date will be subject to pitch availability.


6.1 To ensure the smooth operation of a Meet or Group on arrival and throughout the duration of the stay, the following guidelines are to be followed by all:

6.1.1 the event organiser from the Meet or Group is to be responsible for the Meet or Group and should camp on site throughout the duration of the event. They are encouraged to arrive before the usual noon arrival time by arrangement with the holiday site manager. The event organiser is responsible for co ordinating checking in and pitching of the attendees, following pitching guidance and instructions from the holiday site manager, unless advised and agreed otherwise;

 6.1.2 the event organiser is responsible for collecting and making all payments to the site office at the start of the stay. In the event of any shortfall in payments, the holiday site manager's first point of contact will be with the event organiser to resolve;

6.1.3 all members attending the event must report to reception on arrival; and

6.1.4 holiday site managers are responsible for allocating the area to be occupied by the Meet or Group; and

6.1.5 members only sites may be used for Meets or Groups by the Club's DA, SIS and other affiliated camping groups only.

6.2 At the end of a stay the event organiser and holiday site manager will jointly complete a Meet/Group summary form to provide feedback and raise any issues and suggestions for future improvement.

Please find below downloadable documents relating to Groups and Meets for 2015


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