A tracking device that works

Club Secure CTAAs a starting point, we would always recommend physical security such as wheel locks, hitch locks, steering wheel locks, alarm systems or sunken concrete ground anchors for storage sites as they provide a visual deterrent.

Tracking devices have been available for some time now and professional thieves have adapted to their use, to the extent that most systems provide little more protection than having nothing at all to a prepared thief.

As a starting point, take the idea that the majority of tracking systems available rely on satellite technology. These systems are great when they have clear line of sight to the sky (such as your sat nav on the dashboard of your car), however they soon have trouble indoors, which is where your motorhome or caravan is likely to be taken in the event of theft.

Thieves take advantage of this fact by hiring metal industrial units that make satellite signals impossible. They then have all the time in the world to find and disable the tracking device. They also tend to ship the stolen unit inside a shipping container or lorry trailer causing the same problem.

If this isn’t bad enough, GPS jamming devices are now readily available, which completely block the signal from the GPS satellite network – rendering your tracking device useless. Thieves switch these on at the time of theft and drive away in total safety. A professional thief would no sooner steal a caravan without a GPS jammer than a carpenter would go to work without a saw and hammer.

The AppelloGEO’s ground-based radio signals don’t rely on GPS signals and will work every bit as well indoors as outdoors. You can hide the unit wherever you want on your Caravan or Motorhome (except in airtight metal areas or in a liquid tank) and it will work perfectly.

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