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Joining Yosemite’s birthday celebrations

Steve's partner Natalie with the Apollo Euro Tourer at Indian Flat RV Park in Yosemite National Park

On 30 June 1864 President Abraham Lincoln took a break from attending to his duties during a particularly bloody period of the Civil War to sign the Yosemite Grant Act, a document that set aside the Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias “upon the express conditions that the premises shall be held for public use, resort and recreation”.

The hugely important Act effectively signaled the start of the National Park movement – even though Yellowstone ultimately became the United States’ first official National Park – and provided a blueprint for other states and countries to follow.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Act, and the good people of Yosemite National Park are making the most of it, with a number of activities celebrating the park as well as the work of the visionaries – including as many writers, artists and photographers as conservationists – who led the campaign to preserve it for the enjoyment of all.

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Guest Blogger

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Molly shares some doggy tales

It's been grrrr-eat to hear from other camping and caravanning canines about their holiday trips and favourite places to stay across England. Thanks for your campsite contributions.

Dog WalkWhen I started tapping out my little "dog blog" earlier this year I hoped we would get some positive feedback and good ideas for fresh trips out. Oh dear, I shouldn't have used the word "feed". My tummy is rumbling now!

Anyway, many thanks to the kindly canines and their secretaries and/or servants for submitting their suggestions on where to go camping and caravanning in our glorious countryside and coastal areas.

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Dog Blog

Dog Blog

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Molly and Ted are travelling terriers - borders without borders who visit UK campsites in a motorhome. Chatty Molly offers tips for places to stay and shares some of her holiday capers.

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Auto Campers Leisure Van claims red kettle on trip to Anglesey

The Auto Campers Leisure Van

My kettle went on an unexpected trip to Auto Campers in Berkshire last month.

The little red kettle has a small fan base among dedicated Club members who read my features in Camping & Caravanning – a cheerful prop in the often-beige world of caravan and motorhome testing.

Admittedly, it was rather less embarrassing to receive an email from Steve Wood at Auto Campers than having to contact the Mercedes Press Office and admit I’d left John Barrowman stuck in a Vito. Fortunately the good people at Mercedes managed to extract the CD from the player and return it after that test too.

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Candy Evans

Candy Evans

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Candy Evans is Test Editor for Camping & Caravanning. She took a less conventional path into magazine journalism via physics and a decade in computer consultancy, turning to caravanning and writing during a career break as a full-time mum. Her interests are wide and include the Club’s Archive – though she’s careful to wash her hands after checking 1919 editions of the Club’s magazine to avoid lurking traces of influenza.

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