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How to restore a garment's waterproofing

Nikwax shares some tips on rewaterproofing your well-used kit

This is a guest blog by Nikwax. Nikwax offers a range of technical aftercare products for waterproofing a variety of garments.

You may notice that after a certain amount of wear your waterproof no longer provides an adequate barrier against water. Have you noticed that instead of beading, water appears to soak into the fabric?

If this 'wetting out' occurs you will more than likely find you're feeling cold and clammy fairly quickly. The reason for this is the soaked-in water is actually blocking sweat-vapour from escaping, creating condensation and causing you to be wet from the inside.

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Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger

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This is a guest blog entry. All views are that of the author and not necessarily shared by the Club. Mention of any product or service on the blog does not constitute endorsement by the Club. All blog posts are moderated before going live.

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Join the ‘Christmas Club’ for some festive fun!

Molly & Ted snowHaving survived the crackles and bangs of Bonfire Night, Ted and I are now counting down to Christmas.

The housemaid has been digging in her wardrobe, looking for gifts she squirreled away in January, and I sniffed out a couple of Christmas stockings stuffed with dog treats that she hastily hid from my sight. Ah, but she can’t hide things from my inquisitive nose!

So what will you be during over the festive period? I don’t think that the fun we had in our tent in balmy early September would translate very well into a December break - but if you have a good winterised ‘van or motorhome, there’s lots of enjoyment to be had over the winter. I can just imagine the delicious smell of turkey roasting in our motorhome oven.

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Dog Blog

Dog Blog

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Travelling terrier Ted, together with his maid and chauffeur, visit campsites around the UK with Milly the caravan in tow. Ted offers tips for places to stay and shares some of his holiday capers.

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Floating in a sleeping bag

Luis Brown from Nikwax floats in a sleeping bag on Bewl Water

It's not a sight you see every day, but yesterday I watched a man floating around on a reservoir for about 15 minutes – in a sleeping bag.

No boat. No canoe. No raft of any kind. Just a sleeping bag.

Nikwax had invited journalists and trade representatives to its base in Wadhurst, East Sussex to demonstrate the properties of its hydrophobic down fill, specially treated to be much more water-resistant than untreated counterparts - 13 times more to be precise.

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Stuart Kidman

Stuart Kidman

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Stuart Kidman is the magazine's Deputy Editor. He has been a journalist for ten years, writing for local newspapers before joining the Club in 2009. He loves camping and enjoys nothing better than trekking off into the wilderness to 'rough it' for a couple of nights.

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