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Is there anyone out there who has never been camping?

Aged 11. Check out the Y-fronts on the washing line!!

HELEN SPENCER is the Founder of Club partner

For me, it is one of those 'go to' memories from childhood, and since I am in the business of memory-preservation, it seems rude not to encourage you all to think hard about whether you are doing your own memories justice?

Camping was a regular presence throughout my youth, presenting discomfort and unbridled freedom in equal measure. Having a Cub Scout leader for a dad contributed to the gradual demise of the cottage-based family holiday in my family. The 'Two Nans' passed away and my parents became more and more thrifty with our holiday accommodation, feeling less of a need for the comfort and luxury of a roof or a door. They gathered more and more camping equipment, and eventually invested in a large frame tent. I can clearly recall the noise of us chewing up the miles on the UK's A roads with a trailer tagging and bouncing along behind us and a tightly sprung sleeping bag cushioning the whiplash at the base of my neck (threateningly waiting to decapitate me at the next major pothole.

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Bikers in Ride to the Wall tribute

John Foster holds a flag featuring a picture of his son, Robbie, who was killed in Afghanistan

Thousands of people donned biking gear to pay tribute to those killed in the line of duty.

The annual Ride to the Wall event attracted people on motorbikes from across the UK all keen to take part in a special remembrance service to honour those who have died while serving their country since 1945.

About 1,000 poeple gathered in the car park next to Drayton Manor Club Site before travelling in convoy to the National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas, Staffordshire, where they were joined by a further 19,000 bikers.

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Leda Reynolds

Leda Reynolds

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Leda Reynolds is a reporter on the magazine. Having worked in newspapers, magazines and radio, she now enjoys cooking up a storm over a campfire.

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Make a pledge to barbecue

Cooking alfresco

What a summer it’s been. Warm, balmy days swathed with sunshine, perfect weather for camping and perfect weather for dining alfresco. We finally had the barbecue summer we’d all been hoping for.

There’s something special about eating and cooking outdoors isn’t there? I don’t know whether it’s all that fresh air and exercise we experience while camping that builds a healthy appetite or whether it’s the sizzle and spit of the barbecue that gets our taste buds going. Whatever it is, fresh food cooked outdoors always tastes mouth-wateringly good.

Hopefully you’ve all had plenty of opportunities to fire up the barbecue, gather your friends and tuck into some tasty treats this summer.

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Sue Taylor

Sue Taylor

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Sue Taylor has worked for the Club for more than twenty years, over half that time on the Club magazine, firstly as a journalist then features editor. She is currently doing a stint with the Club's digital team in readiness for the magazine going on line.

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