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Loafing about

High on my list of 'life's simple pleasures' sits the smell, taste and texture of freshly baked bread. I'm talking about real bread here, just the natural goodness of flour, water, yeast and salt. To me, real bread has a golden crunchy crust on the outside and a super fluffy interior and can be improved only be lashings of proper butter. Real bread isn't full of sugar, preservatives and additives and doesn't come in a plastic bag.
IngredientsMay 14th - 22nd is Real Bread Week. It is an annual campaign that aims to inspire people to buy their loaves from independent local bakeries or to even have a go at baking their own. Although 80% of the UK loaves we buy are now produced by a few large factories, there is a promising re-emergence of small-scale independent local bakeries making bread with good ingredients and without processing aids, or artificial additives.

Supporting these smaller scale bakeries brings traditional skills back to communities and provides an local economic boost at the same time - and of course the loaves are lovely.
FlatbreadSome of our club sites get early morning deliveries from bakeries like these. For example Corfe Club Site near Swanage is supplied by the lovely Dragons Village Bakery and our Windermere Site is a short stroll from a fabulous artisan bakery More? in the village of Staveley.

Even better make your own! Making flatbreads at your pitch is very, very easy and a lot of fun - especially if you involve the children. In fact the theme of this year's Real Bread week is 'doughing it with the kids'.

Using just your hands, a bowl, flour, yeast, salt and water you can make a wonderful dough in ten minutes flat. You can cook them on a barbecue, in a dry frying pan or over a campfire.

Click here for Ali's Camper's Flatbread recipe.

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Ali Ray avatar Posted by
Ali Ray

Ali Ray

Ali Ray avatar

Ali Ray is as passionate about camping as she is about eating and cooking with locally produced food. You can read more from Ali in Camping & Caravanning and online.

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Club Site ‘hailed’ a seaside success

Well, Kizzy has taken to caravanning like a duck to water! Having said goodbye to dear little Milly, the Avondale Dart caravan that was our temporary home for a couple of weeks last summer as we moved house, we ventured out in the replacement 'van, an Elddis Xplore 452.

Kizzy in new caravan Off to the Club Site at Mablethorpe we went, a location the chauffeur and the maid had not visited in all the time I’ve been alive. The last time they went, about ten years ago, it rained, and rained… and rained. But they were cosy in their little campervan and, with no dogs to walk, they were happy to stay put and wait until the bad weather had passed.

So we were fortunate that it was mainly dry for our visit. But oh, the northerly wind certainly made the east coast seem decidedly chilly for the second half of April and at one time we were bombarded by hailstones. Luckily the as yet unnamed Xplore benefits from blown air heating,so we were all toasty and warm as the evening temperatures fell.

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Dog Blog

Dog Blog

Dog Blog avatar

Travelling terrier Ted, together with his maid and chauffeur, visit campsites around the UK with Milly the caravan in tow. Ted offers tips for places to stay and shares some of his holiday capers.

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The best holidays in Britain for less than £10 per night

The Farnworth family loves DA camping

The Farnworth family loves DA camping

Club member Colin Farnworth has travelled all over Europe as an HGV driver. But when it comes to holidays, he says you can’t beat camping in Britain with one of the Club’s District Associations, Special Interest Sections or Regions.

Colin said: “We camp on a budget because it has to fit in with the jobs the wife and I have.

“France and Spain are lovely but by the time we have paid ferry crossing and fuel from the north of England it has become an expensive holiday.

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Sheila Kiggins

Sheila Kiggins

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I’m Sheila, the Club Reporter. I love getting out and about with my three-legged dog Shakey, meeting Club members and bringing stories back for the magazine.

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