Pevensey campsiteThere we were, at Club Listed Site Fairfields Farm, Pevensey… with a world of history and exploration at our feet.

Great rail links meant Ted and I could dispense with the maid and chauffeur’s services (but sadly, not their company!) to head along the coast by train.

Pevensey CastleA couple of stops away was the Club’s Norman’s Bay Site - very popular, and grrr-eat for pooches that love to race along the nearby dog-friendly beach.

There’s a wealth of history in this area - 1066, and all that - with the pretty village of Pevensey being home to a superb fort created by the Romans almost eight centuries before William the Conqueror landed. The Norman castle, and the nearby church, were added soon after the invasion. Great for pottering around!

We also travelled by train to Eastbourne… an eye-opener for a “fud-hound” like me.

IPevensey train’ve been told on more than one occasion that I’m a “gannet” but even I was astounded at the cheek of an opportunist gull that swooped in a busy town centre street at lunchtime and snatched a freshly unwrapped sandwich from the hand of an unsuspecting young woman a few feet from us.

Hastings is the focus of my next blog… it certainly wasn’t a battle to have a good time there!