Being good honest Yorkshire-based campers, we all like a bargain.

Whether it's a pre-loved dog bed from a car boot sale that can be washed and packed up for extra holiday comfort, or trimming a couple of pence per litre off our fuel costs thanks to being a loyal shopper, we like to watch the pennies.

So although we enjoyed very much our trip to sun-kissed Hunstanton - 'Sunny Hunny' as it is nicknamed - we were somewhat aghast to learn that our chosen site charged for canine companions to join the fun.

Club sites don't do this, as many of you will already know.

But the maid wanted a site close to the beach, the town and a supermarket - the weather forecast was a deciding factor in her decision as she didn’t want us all to end up trekking back from miles away, drenched to the bone, to our ‘van.

As it turned out the weather was kind but the cost for seven nights was a tad under £210, which prompted the Yorkshire-born-and-bred chauffeur to turn as white as the county’s rose and utter “‘Ow much?”

To be fair, the site we stayed at - Searles Leisure Resort, South Beach Road - had a lot going for it. Although very large, with lots of units filled with families taking advantage of a hot and sunny weekend, it didn’t feel oppressive or cramped as many pitches are separated by leylandii hedging, offering shade and privacy.

Sleep Molly HunstantonHot dogs like me who feel the heat can take cover in the hedge’s shade, and each pitch had plenty of room for a motorhome or caravan plus a windbreak, which kept us sheltered (and gave me chance to enjoy a doze on our picnic blanket!)

But the irony of Searles charging £3.25 per dog per night was not lost on the maid and the chauffeur. They are not bothered about using clubhouse facilities (and usually choose sites that don’t have them) - but of course, if they’d wanted to enjoy the entertainment, they couldn’t - because they had Ted and me with them!

So, Searles charge campers for the privilege of taking their dogs along, then prevent the owners from making the most of the facilities on site. Something’s not right there! I wouldn’t have minded if they’d provided us with a free sausage dinner every day, included in the cost… no such luck, though!

However, Ted and I did get the full English breakfast that we are now starting to expect as part of our trips away.

The maid and chauffeur decided to treat themselves to breakfast at the Old Marine Bar, adjoining the Marine Hotel in St Edmunds Terrace. They’d been attracted by the fact that breakfast was on offer at £3.95, much cheaper than the £5-plus offerings they’d seen elsewhere.

M&T Hunstanton PromenadeThe outside seating area had been freshly washed down and there were several water bowls for us to drink from.

The chauffeur ordered a vegetarian breakfast while the maid ordered a full English, asking that her two rashers of bacon and one sausage be brought on a separate dish for Ted and me. The waiter duly obliged, and when they had eaten and our meat had cooled, we enjoyed being fed small bites of each meaty treat from the chauffeur’s own hand. Bliss!

If you have more of a sweet tooth, why not visit Moss artisan bakery in High Street? They sell delicious cakes and here’s the bargain bit (or bite) - they cost just £1 per large, yummy slice! What’s more, Ted and I also enjoyed a sausage from this bakery too.

All in all, Sunny Hunny is clean, attractive and very dog friendly. Although we canine characters are not allowed on the central section of the beach, we are allowed to romp away from town, beyond the powerboat launching area - just across the road from Searles!

Dogs are also allowed on the Washmonster, an amphibious craft that takes people out into The Wash, the square-mouthed bay where Hunstanton looks across to Boston and Skegness in Lincolnshire.

Sunset HunstantonAlthough Hunny is on the east coast, the resort faces west, so you can enjoy watching the sun dipping to its daily rest over the sea - a stunning sight - from the long and pleasant promenade.

The town centre looks attractive thanks to lots of flower and shrub planting, and there are plenty of benches on which to sit and watch the world go by.

If you don’t have your car with you, and want a trip to nearby seaside resorts Wells and Sheringham, there are Coasthopper buses running regularly.

And if you prefer to stay on a Club site, there is a lovely one at Sandringham. I’ve checked and a seven-night stay on a hard-standing pitch is £192 for members - offering a right royal discount of more than £55. Now, that’s what I call a bargain!

Where are you going this summer? I’d love to know… contact me here or find me on Twitter: @MollyandTed

Happy holidays!