Sulking Molly and Ted

Molly and Ted sulking

Ted and I have been sulking and it’s all down to a very unfriendly Mother Nature.
There we were, all ready to spend the weekend at Whitby, when the maid and the chauffeur pulled the plug on their tentative (or ‘motorhome-ative’, in fact) plans.
Plug... water… rain – loads of it, and strong winds – not ideal!

The aim was to pootle over to Sandfield House Farm, (a Club Listed Site 094/164) just north of the delightful seaside town of Whitby on Friday afternoon and have two nights there, soaking up the morning sun on the breathtaking North Yorkshire coast.

Instead, “soaking” was the operative word as the TV forecasts projected weather more akin to last winter’s storms than gentle May breezes – and it put the brakes on the chauffeur’s plan to pack up the ‘van and head east.

They must be getting old. The damp gets in their bones, they say, and are now hoping the forthcoming weekend will bring a more suitable opportunity to stretch everyone’s legs.
Sandfield House has provided them with plenty of amusement in the past, when our predecessors – German Shepherds – used to go with the maid and chauffeur in their elderly first caravan.

Their first GSD, Sam, once hid under the bed, afraid of the thunder and lightning that shook the ‘van in the middle of the night. The space was too small for a big dog, and as a result none of the trio could sleep.

After Sam came Dino, who – being a brave and boisterous pup – jumped out of an open ‘van window on the same site, following the maid to the shower block!
This must rate as one of their favourite sites. Ted and I have both been there, walking in the footsteps of Sam, Dino and the maid’s favourite, Mica (pronounced Meesha). It’s easily accessible, clean, with lovely views and is handy for nice walks to the beach, to a promenade and into town.

So what is Whitby famous for? Dracula, of course. There’s a seafront Dracula Experience, which can turn even the sunniest and hottest day into a blood-curdling and chilling adventure – and if you like jewellery, Whitby jet is as black as the undead Count’s sweeping cloak.

Fans of kippers can’t go wrong, and if I’m not mistaken you can still post a pack of them to friends and family, a smelly souvenir of your travels.

If you can’t walk very far, and don’t want to pack up your campervan or motorhome for a day trip, you can get from Sandfield House Farm to Whitby, to Scarborough or beyond, on buses that leaves from a handy stop opposite the site.
In fact, the only downside we can see to this Club Listed Site is that it doesn’t allow tents or trailer tents.

Scarborough Club Site

Scarborough Club Site

Just down the road is another of our favourite sites – the Club Site at Burniston Road, Scarborough – which allows tents and trailer tents as well as 'vans, members and non-members on its 300 pitches. Just south of that is a hidden gem called Cayton Bay.
I’ve not yet been to Cayton Bay, but the maid says it was Mica’s favourite beach. On Saturday afternoons the two of them would walk at the water’s edge, enjoying the sunshine and admiring the cliffs.

Its horseshoe shape makes it a perfect venue for surfers. In fact, you could call it “The Newquay of the North”. There you are, Scarborough tourism chiefs – I’ve coined a catchy name for you to use!

And for us furry friends, it’s a delightful haven for sharing a day with the whole family as there are no restrictions on us enjoying this beach at any time of the year.

It’s a shame that dogs are banned from so many beaches during the summer months, often from Easter to September. Dogs don't leave litter, broken glass and barbecue remnants on the sand, like some thoughtless humans do – we might have the odd “accident” now and again, but responsible owners will clean up as they do elsewhere.
So I hope we get a good summer this year, as we’ll be out and about every weekend if we can.

Please let me know if you have a dog-friendly beach near you, or one that’s your favourite, that Ted and I can check out.

Remember you can tweet me if you have a Twitter account – @MollyandTed – we look forward to hearing your news and views!