Ted and I have been counting the days off on our canine calendar - we're off on holiday soon!
As yet we don't know where we're going, but we always know when "things" are being prepared for the journey. Trainers and tee shirts that never usually see the light of day are taken out of cupboards and wardrobes and are lined up alongside a big bag of dog biscuit and some tins of soup, baked beans and fruit. All of which I like! Especially baked beans.

Nairn Club Site

The delightful wooded Nairn Club Site

At the moment we have no idea where we're going - the maid and the chauffeur are checking weather forecasts, so it could be that we try and follow the sun and duck the showers, as per their usual 'lastminute.com' ideals.

Ted would like to return to Nairn, in Morayshire, and looking at the pictures he's found on the maid's laptop it's easy to see why. The Club Site at Nairn is delightful, he says, with pitches set in woodland glades.

Ted in Scottish waters

Ted enjoying the Scottish waters

A wander through the woodland takes you into the town where there is a beautiful beach which is so vast, it's breathtaking. Time seems to stand still, he tells me, as you gaze from the promenade across the sandy expanses and wonder at the wide open Scottish skies. He was only a little chap when the three of them headed north, and it was about this time of year.

They walked through the woodland on site to a path, where cattle observed them marvelling at their new surroundings. Into town they went, bought a bottle of water and ambled back along the beach amid the sand dunes and gorse bushes, which were full of golden flowers and smelled like the maid's coconut-scented sun cream.

The beach at Nairn

Nairn beach

But having run out of water - and being fearful that the blazing sun that blessed the coast might prove too much for little Ted - they had to flag down a passing ice cream van when they got to the main road to buy another bottle.

So wherever we end up, we'll be making sure we have plenty of H20 with us on our trips!
Do let me know what you're doing this summer... and if you've also uncovered any Club Site gems in the UK or abroad.

Next time, I'll let you know where we ended up...