Hello! Ted and I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter. Do manufacturers make Easter eggs especially for furry friends? If not, maybe they are missing a trick.

We haven't been away over Easter as we all like a bit of peace and quiet, so the hustle and bustle of a Bank Holiday leaves us a bit perplexed. So we'll be looking for nice, open sites to enjoy this spring and summer, where we can amble along coastal paths to enjoy the sea air and also listen to the skylarks singing.

Donkey Sanctuary

The Elisabeth Svendsen Donkey Sanctuary near Salcombe Regis

Ted's been telling me about a site he was taken to by the chauffeur and the maid before I came along to disrupt his life, pinch his food and beat him to the fridge when the door opens.
It was called Thorn Farm, at Salcombe Regis, not far from Exeter in Devon, and just a stone's throw from the Elisabeth Svendsen Donkey Sanctuary where other four-legged friends spend their days chomping grass and enjoying the amazing scenery.

The main camping field was open and spacious, with a large, central area for children (and dogs) to play. As it was late summer, there were lots of swallows and swifts flying around, catching flies to eat. They were thoroughly enjoying themselves, squealing and darting around the field.

Ted got excited too and decided he wanted to chase them. He was on an extendable lead, so he and the maid ran around the field, following the agile birds as they swooped and dived around the campsite.

The maid was urging Ted on, shouting "There's one!", and he was dashing towards them – but they were far too quick and cottoned on to the game, sweeping in low to challenge Ted to 'catch me if you can!' He never could, of course, but everyone – furry, feathered and unfit human – had a great time, where the game was understood by all, there were no rules and no winners, but plenty of squealing and laughter.
The maid and chauffeur also took Ted to the donkey sanctuary, where he heard the residents braying with laughter too.

Ted in bed

Ted grabs 40 winks in the motorhome

Sounds fun to me! I think we'll be heading to Devon this year, and I'd love to call in at Salcombe Regis to see where Ted had fun. He was very tired and somehow managed to catch 40 winks in the motorhome bed, unbeknown to the maid...

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Happy holidays! More soon.