It's been grrrr-eat to hear from other camping and caravanning canines about their holiday trips and favourite places to stay across England. Thanks for your campsite contributions.

Dog WalkWhen I started tapping out my little "dog blog" earlier this year I hoped we would get some positive feedback and good ideas for fresh trips out. Oh dear, I shouldn't have used the word "feed". My tummy is rumbling now!

Anyway, many thanks to the kindly canines and their secretaries and/or servants for submitting their suggestions on where to go camping and caravanning in our glorious countryside and coastal areas.

Norfolk seems to get the thumbs up from other four-legged friends. Julie Alderson says her canine companion Qi likes to watch people from their caravan, with Sandringham Club Site their "home from home".

Actually Julie, that's one Club Site I really must try, as I share my birthday with our Queen (April 21) so maybe Her Majesty will invite me to Sandringham for tea and buns with her corgis! I could just demolish a creamy cake. But I digress, again...

PugwashKay Lay says Pugwash, her PBGV (Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen), adores camping and has been to many of the Club's Sites. Kay reports: "His favourite is West Runton where he met a group of very friendly St Bernards on his last visit! He adores the beach and has had so much fun charging around at Cromer and Sheringham. The wardens were all very welcoming and the dog walk was great!"

Totally agree with Pugwash's love of Cromer, Kay... there is certainly something welcoming about this traditional and very relaxing seaside town. The pier is a super place to unwind… in fact, we all enjoyed a holiday there when I was tiny, and I was so tired that I lay on the chauffeur’s rucksack in one of the pier’s little shelters and went to sleep! So many people went “aaaah” as they walked past, so I was told.

The maid and chauffeur spent the sunny Sunday afternoon daydreaming and drinking tea and coffee, grateful they had no work the next day, and Ted could hear pigeons scuffling under the walkway, so that kept him entertained. He kept trying to shove his nose through the floorboards to sniff them out and left a damp nose mark on the wood.
And, of course, it was an ideal excursion for the Yorkshire-born chauffeur… very little money spent!

GruffleHeading further north, the Lake District is a favourite holiday destination of border terrier brother and sister Gruffle and Betty (Ted and I love your names, by the way).
Gruffle, through owner Andrew Silvester, says: “Betty and I love the Lake District. Our favourite sites are Keswick and Bowness on Windermere, we insist the servants take us there every year.”

Quite right too Gruffle, we need to enjoy our holiday time too… and there’s nothing more rewarding after a hard day than getting back to the tent or ‘van and snuggling up for an afternoon kip, as far as Ted and I are concerned.

Helen Webster says the family’s dog Rubin enjoys playing with Flora, the owner’s sheepdog on their favourite campsite – Doolittles near North Curry in Somerset. Now I’ve been doing a bit of doggie detective work and discovered a little video of this site, submitted by a Club member, which is available on line.

The site is a Club Certificated Site and “adults only”, which may appeal to people who like a quieter holiday… but it only accepts “small” dogs, so check what breeds they allow before you set off. You can see a picture of Flora as a pup on Doolittles website, too!

Ted and I love trees, for different reasons. I appreciate the fact they give us shade, and oxygen, and I enjoy staring at birds in the branches.
I just adore listening to the wind rushing through their leaves in the summer and autumn.
Ted just likes to water them! Boys will be boys, I suppose...

Please let me know your favourite Club Sites with grassy glades and tall trees, or any other sites you’ve visited that are spacious and uplifting. And please do feel free to leave a message on this blog about sites you are planning to visit this year.

If you are on Twitter you can follow me, Chatty Molly… @MollyandTed, and leave a message or talk to me there. Lots of dogs do - it’s surprising how intelligent we are, and how quickly we have grasped the use of social media.

Next time, I’ll tell you all about Ted and the swifts. He loves his feathered friends - and they seem to love him!

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