The Auto Campers Leisure Van

The Auto Campers Leisure Van

My kettle went on an unexpected trip to Auto Campers in Berkshire last month.

The little red kettle has a small fan base among dedicated Club members who read my features in Camping & Caravanning – a cheerful prop in the often-beige world of caravan and motorhome testing.

Admittedly, it was rather less embarrassing to receive an email from Steve Wood at Auto Campers than having to contact the Mercedes Press Office and admit I’d left John Barrowman stuck in a Vito. Fortunately the good people at Mercedes managed to extract the CD from the player and return it after that test too.

The red kettle and I had spent a wonderful day out at Anglesey Abbey in March. At the last minute I discovered I was on taxi duty and had two days to spend in Cambridgeshire accompanied only by an Auto Campers Leisure Van and a set of tea-making kit.
A snowdrop at Anglesey AbbeyThrough the medium of Twitter I had a tip off from Grenville Chamberlain – Chairman of 'The Other Club' – that Anglesey Abbey was the place to be.

He was right. The weather was wonderful and I had all the time in the world to explore the spectacular displays of spring flowers. And the perfect day van to return to for a cup of tea and peaceful lunch, in the form of the Leisure Van.

Co-incidentally, this year’s largest gathering of campers and caravanners – known as the National Feast of Lanterns – will be held in Anglesey, Wales over the August Bank Holiday. Now if only I could find a way to link the two. . .

The red kettle in situ

The red kettle is next scheduled to appear in the June issue of Camping & Caravanning