Caravan Theft Alerts has had recent success with the recovery of three stolen caravans

Caravan Theft Alerts has had recent success with the recovery of three stolen caravans

This is a guest blog by Nigel Coppen, Client Services Director at Club Care Insurance and Caravan Theft Alerts

When we set up the Caravan Theft Alerts system in October last year, the aim was to provide the wider caravanning community with a central system to look up whether a caravan had been stolen. Sadly, too many caravanners out there know what it is like to have their caravans taken from them, and our Caravan Theft Alerts system can help the community to support each other and get the caravan returned.

Recently the team at Caravan Theft Alerts was delighted to learn that the system was credited by police for recovering a number of stolen caravans that were discovered in Lincolnshire after one owner had used the system to spread the word about the theft of their caravan.
Three stolen caravans were being stored in a location known to Lincolnshire Police and on a routine patrol of the area they were discovered by an officer.

The officer contacted Tim Booth, Leisure Vehicles Officer at the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Vehicle Crime Intelligence division and the police representative for our Caravan Theft Alerts system, who recognised details of one of the caravans from the system report.

The police force had not yet listed this caravan as stolen on the Police National Computer (PNC) database, but thanks to the link between the Caravan Theft Alerts system and Tim Booth, he was aware of the stolen caravan.

The caravans have now been seized by Police and examined by Scenes of Crime Officers so they can be returned to their owners or their insurance companies.

Tim Booth says of the Caravan Theft Alert system’s involvement: “The caravans were recovered within days of the thefts, before one police force had even managed to list the caravan as stolen. Thanks to the industry working together, with Caravan Theft Alerts taking the notification and the CRiS database being kept up to date, these were essential elements in the recovery of these caravans.”

To help recover stolen caravans, please keep a look out for these stolen units; you could even spread the word by adding the Caravan Theft Alerts widget to your own website or blog.