Shake, rattle and roll on the M25?

The WildAx motorhome at Horsley Club Site

It was almost a throwaway comment from Duncan Wildman of WildAx Motorhomes as he carried out the handover of my latest live-in test vehicle: “We guarantee our furniture doesn’t rattle. We even go so far as to tell our customers to bring the vehicle back to be checked if it does.”
I couldn't resist asking about the cooker, but Duncan assured me that as long as the grill pan was stored properly the rest should be OK, damped by rubber insulating feet.

Perhaps I should learn to be less cynical, but after a fair number of years testing motorhomes and becoming remarkably familiar with their many and varied noises, I wasn't entirely convinced.

I think my most disconcerting test in the past (manufacturer to remain nameless...) was one where the combination of roof rails, sunroof and TV aerial led to a wail at a certain speed on the motorway. Unfortunately this turned out to be at normal cruising speed. It was a little like driving with a distressed small ghost in the vehicle.

So did the WildAx live up to its silent promise on its way to and from Horsley Club Site? You'll need to wait for November’s issue of Camping & Caravanning magazine to find out. Suffice to say, however, I won't be taking it back to the factory...

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Candy Evans is Test Editor for Camping & Caravanning. She took a less conventional path into magazine journalism via physics and a decade in computer consultancy, turning to caravanning and writing during a career break as a full-time mum. Her interests are wide and include the Club’s Archive – though she’s careful to wash her hands after checking 1919 editions of the Club’s magazine to avoid lurking traces of influenza.

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