Ok, confession time, even though I’ve worked for the Club for over year now, I haven’t actually done that much camping during my adult life. Bad I know, however as a child I was a regular outdoor adventurer; before I’d even turned 15 I’d camped in tents, tree houses and even bivouacs! The latter being during a brief, best forgotten stint as an army cadet!

So at this year’s National Camping and Caravanning Week I leapt at the opportunity to revive that outdoors ethos I had as a child, get back to basics and properly camp without any of the comforts of home.

Then I found out I would be staying in a Camp-let Concorde Trailer Tent, supplied by Camperlands. From the outside we see what appears to be at first glance an everyday, unassuming tent. Then I unzipped the door and entered!

There’s a scene from one of the Harry Potter movies, where Harry walks into a tent and is suddenly presented with all the comforts of home; this wasn’t quite on that level but it was close. Forget abut airbeds and roll mats, if you stay in a Camp-let you’ll have two extremely comfortable double foam mattresses that convert into seating for the day. Underneath here are areas for storing luggage or anything else that needs to be out of the way.

Look to your right and you’ll see what is for all intents and purposes a fully working kitchen including a gas hob, sink and cupboard space. Add to this an electric hook up for heating and any appliances you feel like bringing with you and could almost forget you're in the great outdoors altogether! And don’t forget this all folds up into one easy to transport and store trailer.

So after staying in a Camp-let I might not be in such a rush to relive the grass roots camping experiences of my youth; I think as an adult I can afford to camp in a bit of style, which the Camp-let certainly exudes.

Thanks again to the guys at Camperlands for letting us try out the Camp-let. You can find out about all things trailer tent over at