Caravanning - a way of life

Caravanning - a way of life

Some people are wholly unaware of the months of planning that go into exhibiting at some of our industry's biggest consumer shows.

From location to stand design and build to staff training, our events team don't have time to thumb twiddle! And that's certainly been the case in the lead up to this week's Caravan & Motorhome Show in Manchester.

That's why, despite the arctic-like conditions at the moment and our wettest summer (if you can call it that!) on record for 100 years, it's been heartening to have welcomed a steady stream of both members and non-members to our Club Stand here at Event City. To have happy campers, makes all of our efforts worthwhile!

Yes there's always going to be the odd moan or two, but in the main visitors to our show stands are extremely complimentary of the sites and services that we provide with that friendly welcome, clean washrooms and location of our sites at the top of the compliments list! I hope you all agree.

You just never know who you are going to bump in to, but there was one particular conversation I had with a couple yesterday that stood out for reasons that will become clear in a moment, and in turn I wanted to share their little secret with you (with their kind permission of course).

Why? Because it typifies why so many people are continuing to enjoy this much-loved hobby year after year.

For the sake of this blog, Mr & Mrs Smith (they wished to remain anonymous), have enjoyed a caravanning holiday for some 30 years now, having stayed on over 60 of our Club Sites to date. That's those that they can remember!

Up until recently they'd worked their way through five second-hand caravans - but that all changed a year or so ago!

Why? Because Mr Smith won a six-figure sum on the Lottery, ironically finding out only hours after returning from a short break in their caravan to Keswick in the Lakes!

Some may have immediately ditched the caravan for an apartment in the Costa del Sol, but not the Smiths! There were no lavish purchases other than; yep you've guessed it, a brand new caravan!

And why? Because they love caravanning, that sense of community on a campsite and freedom to roam. "If we'd have won £10million then we still wouldn't have looked to change our lifestyle," he told me. "Caravanning is just perfect; we'll be members of the Club for life."

And he's right - where else do you get that camaraderie and togetherness that you do by camping or caravanning within the great British outdoors? It's no wonder these industry shows are growing all the time.

But that just summed it up for me, and why I enjoy my job. You just never what sort of character you are going to meet next...